Return to Kuchipudi

So the team has left town. They are on their way back tonight. I will miss them, but it still feels like they are here with me, in a certain sense, because those stupid songs they made me sing over and over again are running through my head like a broken record.

The ministry was a great time. I got out of there just in time to avoid the emotional goodbyes. I plan on visiting the orphanage once more before I leave to pick up some purses made by widows under Peggy’s tutelage. I guess they’ve already been sold. It was her ministry while she was here. Teaching poor widows to stitch purses. One of them was contemplating suicide and now she has a way to support herself. Victory over darkness via merchandise. You, too, could have a purse hand-stitched by a widow to keep your womanly odds and ends in. It holds anything that will fit in it. Inquire within.

So work has begun on our cracking facility! Playing with kids feels good. I can make a connection and build relationships with them and the people who are working tirelessly to give them a good future. But I feel ten times better being here in Kuchipudi and being a part of this process that we are setting up to help them. They are still desperate for money there, and children suffer for it. Especially those that have to be turned away. I can only take so much sitting around and singing songs while that is happening. Not when I am in a position to help.

So on we go, this will be a big year for me and I am so grateful that I can kick it off on the ground here in India. Two weeks with the kids, two weeks with the business. What a great way to get my mind right for the most epic year of my life so far!

Stay tuned reader. Today we go to the bank to do some  and we get to buy some supplies for our “construction office”. (A small hut to store concrete and drink tea in). When I arrived at the land yesterday, they had cut all the fronds off of the palm trees along the road and were drying them out to make the roof of the office. Heck yeah. Palm frond rooftop. We should get some carbon credits or something for that. 

I feel good. I am very blessed. So many people out there are struggling to survive. I’m not. I can use my time to help others. Don’t give me that look. There is no better feeling, okay? It’s almost addicting, in a way. Whatever. I’m done with you. 

Until next time, over and out.